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What It’s Like Working at D&Y

What It’s Like Working at D&Y

If you seek challenge and rewards in a career, look no further than D&Y.



1.2: It’s rewarding. I love my job, and at the end of the day I feel like I’ve really contributed to something.


2.2: I just love the interaction that we have, not just with our team, but also with our facilities and doctors.


1.1: We’re able to bring ideas, new processes, and we’re able to move forward, and that…that comes from our leadership.


2.1: There’s constantly new projects, and so you never have a day when you come in and there’s not something exciting and new that you’re looking forward to working on.


3.1: And I would say that every single day is different. We do the same thing every day, but it’s not always the same. There’s always a new challenge. Something exciting.


4.2: D & Y is a positive environment because management is very hands-on and involved. From top executives, to our recruiting managers, we get best practices, training, positive reinforcement.


“What does it take to work for D&Y?”


1.2: Organization, because there’s always a lot going on. You gotta be flexible, be able to change, you know, with the minute, because you never know. It’s not a mundane place to work. You’re not gonna come in and it’s not gonna be doing the same thing over and over every day, so you gotta be able to run with it and take whatever comes at you.


2.2: You must be able to multitask, be a great communicator, and be very understanding.


3.2: Enthusiasm. In bunches.


5: A positive attitude, and the ability to see challenges as an opportunity, and then to be driven to find solutions.


“What has D&Y done for your career?”


1.2: They saw potential, and not just with me, but I think they saw with everybody, they see potential in somebody and they’re very good at developing it and helping that person along. I don’t feel like I would be at the same level in any other company that I’m at with D & Y. They’ve given me a huge opportunity here.


5: The leadership at D&Y is interested in you as an individual, as well as growth for your career and they’re truly looking for career growth for the, for a lifetime.


2.1: At D&Y I’ve been given a certain degree of autonomy and an opportunity to learn things beyond my field. I’ve had my experience within training, I’ve had experience as a project manager, and I feel like my role continues to grow.


“How does D&Y prepare their associates for success?”


1.1: The support that our leadership team provides.


3.1: In addition to giving us all the tools we need, they allow us to think outside the box, so if something’s not working and we’re recruiting, we’re allowed to try our own ideas and get creative, and if we have success, our managers will come to us and say “Hey, I see you’re doing a lot better. Can you tell us what you’re doing?” and we share, we share it with each other.


5: Hands-on training with clear expectations and consistent involvement from leadership.


“What words would you use to describe D&Y?”


3.2: Energetic


2.1: Innovative


4.2: High energy


1.1: Leaders in our industry


4.2: Dedicated


3.1: An occasional adrenaline rush


2.2: Positive


3.2: Coffee


4.1: Passionate


2.2: Fun


4.1: Fun


3.1: Fun


2.1: Exciting


3.1: Challenging


1.2: Rewarding


5: Welcoming. D&Y has this atmosphere about it and goes back to that contagious willingness to serve, and it’s just, it’s almost, it’s eager. They want you to bring your challenges to them so that they can help. It’s an incredible environment.


1.2: I feel like I’m part of something here.

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