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Connecting With & Supporting Our Physicians

Connecting With & Supporting Our Physicians

Just as we would for family, we go above and beyond for our providers.

There will always be situations and circumstances out of your control. But for us, going the extra mile is business as usual.


Jennifer Neathery, Recruiting Manager, and Janette Pla, Account Manager, weigh in on how D&Y responds to challenges. Check out their stories!


Locum Physician Overcomes Travel Obstacles

One of our physicians took a vacation cruise just prior to going on assignment. Unfortunately, he got stuck at the airport on the way back due to inclement weather.


This delay was going to make him late for his assignment, so D&Y rerouted him and paid for FedEx to overnight his work clothes. Talk about service.


Locum Tenens Staffing for a Physician Shortage

A hospital needed a physician on short notice to assist with patient care. D&Y found a physician who met all the criteria, credentialed him quickly, and had him on the job within one week.

All without skipping a beat.


Support from Day One

Meet Grant Stewart, Staffing Consultant. Grant was on the after-hours call rotation when he received a 6:30 am Saturday call from a physician arriving for his first shift on a new assignment who was encountering some obstacles. Grant jumped in to resolve the issues, no small feat on a Saturday morning.


Grant is not the only D&Y staffing consultant who is happy to do this. Helping our clinicians is what we do with real, personal support 24/7.


Personal Solutions for Locum Tenens Physicians

Meet another staffing consultant, Michelle Crosby. She worked with a physician who was interested in short-term locum tenens in addition to his full time job. He was adamant on working with D&Y due to previous positive experiences.


Michelle was able to work out a locums schedule that meshed with his full-time schedule and fulfilled his short-term locum tenens goals.


Watch the video for the full stories!

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