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Career Connections For Life

Career Connections For Life

The D&Y locums physician appreciates the community aspect of working with D&Y.

Benefits of Locum Tenens with D&Y

There’s a reason you chose to be a doctor. Maybe you’re inspired by the immediacy of the work. Maybe you’re driven to take people on their worst day and offer them something better. Maybe your purpose is to change the lives of people who are suffering.


However, traditional physician work often takes the spotlight off patient care, and you find yourself spending more time on your laptop than in the exam room. You’re working on someone else’s rigid schedule. You’re not in control of your career direction.


That’s why many physicians, including Scott Langford, MD, FAAEM, choose to work locum tenens.


Advantages of Being a Locum Tenens Physician

As a locum tenens physician, Scott has a lot more time for what truly matters: patient care. When working with a locum tenens agency, you don’t have to worry about credentialing, billing, and other administrative tasks.


Locum tenens physicians choose when and where they work. On the flip side, they can also choose when and where they take time off. You control of your career. And you get a ton of travel opportunities.


Why Locum Tenens Physicians Love D&Y

Scott, like many of our locum physicians, was attracted to the culture of community at D&Y. We all work together to help physicians find locum opportunities that fit their needs and lifestyle. While our agency is personable and welcoming, we’re also highly professional and dedicated to helping you meet your goals.


In Scott’s case, we were able to work with him and his family to create the work schedule he needed. He’s able to work when and where he wants, without sacrificing his family life.


Support, Community & Adaptability

These values are why our locum tenens physicians are so happy and successful.


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