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A Guide to Locum Tenens for Anesthesiologists

Locum tenens contract assignments give anesthesiologists access to high-demand jobs that come with multiple advantages. …

A Guide to Locum Tenens for Physician’s Assistants

Locum tenens assignments provide physician assistants to find work opportunities that are well-suited to their …


What to Expect As A Locum Tenens Physician

If you’re considering locum tenens work, then you likely want to know what a normal …


Locum Tenens Licensing – Managing Licensing to Work Nationwide

Locum tenens work is a great way for you to explore career options while traveling …

A Guide to Locum Tenens for Physicians

Locum tenens contract assignments allow physicians to find temporary positions that suit their financial needs …

leading woman locum tenens physician conversing with her colleagues

Why Medical Centers Partner With Locum Tenens Providers Every Day

Excellent patient care is always front and center when making staffing decisions for your medical …

clinician and business man shaking hands in agreement

3 Common Obstacles in Locum Tenens Partnerships & How to Avoid Them

Partnering with a locum tenens agency for healthcare staffing can be an effective way to …

physician with crossed arms holding a stethoscope

The Stigma of Locum Tenens Staffing & Why It’s All Nonsense

It’s becoming increasingly common for medical facilities to rely on locum tenens agencies in maintaining …


Why Physicians Choose to Partner With D&Y

The D&Y locums physician appreciates the community aspect of working with D&Y.

How Dedicated D&Y is to Helping Partners

Whatever the situation, D&Y adapts to meet the challenge.

Connecting With & Supporting Our Physicians

Just as we would for family, we go above and beyond for our providers.

What It’s Like Working at D&Y

If you seek challenge and rewards in a career, look no further than D&Y.


What D&Y Does For Locum Providers


How D&Y Helps Medical Facilities


Why Should You Pursue Locum Tenens Work?


How the Locum Process Works for Facilities



Innovators Exchange with Kaiser Permanente Part 5

Part 5 of D&Y's exclusive interview series with today's medical staff development leaders

Innovators Exchange with Kaiser Permanente Part 4

Innovators Exchange with Kaiser Permanente Part 3

Innovators Exchange with Kaiser Permanente Part 2


2022 Provider Pay Calendar

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2021 Provider Pay Calendar

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Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement

Direct Deposit authorization form

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2021 Expense Report

The mileage rate has been updated for 2021. Please use this form to submit all 2021 expenses.

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D&Y Locum Tenens Work Log

Locum tenens physicians and CRNAs

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Client Information Form

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D&Y W-9 Tax Form

W-9 for locum tenens contract providers

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D&Y Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement (Legal Entity)

Direct Deposit authorization form for clinicians set up as a legal entity.

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