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The Locum Tenens Lifestyle: Exploring the Possibilities

The locum tenens lifestyle provides physicians and other clinicians with a flexible and portable option …

A Guide to Locum Tenens for CRNAs

If you’re considering becoming a locum tenens nurse, it’s never been a better time to …

How To Thrive In Locum Tenens Assignments

If you want to find success in reaching your professional goals, there’s no time like …

What is Locum Tenens: A Look at Temporary Clinicians

With over 85% of hospitals now utilizing locum tenens, it’s more relevant than ever to …

4 Times Locum Tenens Are Needed The Most

Hiring locum tenens can do more than improve your bottom line. They can become a lifeline …

Attracting The Right Locum Tenen Providers

Healthcare organizations prioritize physician quality as the single most important factor when vetting applicants for …

6 Ways Locum Tenens Clinicians Benefit Rural Hospitals

Staffing shortages in rural hospitals are no coincidence. Smaller communities have an even smaller talent …


4 Common CV & Resume Mistakes All Locum Tenens Clinicians Should Avoid

No matter where you are in your career progression – whether you’re a new resident …


Why Physicians Choose to Partner With D&Y

The D&Y locums physician appreciates the community aspect of working with D&Y.

How Dedicated D&Y is to Helping Partners

Whatever the situation, D&Y adapts to meet the challenge.

Connecting With & Supporting Our Physicians

Just as we would for family, we go above and beyond for our providers.

What It’s Like Working at D&Y

If you seek challenge and rewards in a career, look no further than D&Y.


What D&Y Does For Locum Providers


How D&Y Helps Medical Facilities


Why Should You Pursue Locum Tenens Work?


How the Locum Process Works for Facilities



Innovators Exchange with Kaiser Permanente Part 5

Part 5 of D&Y's exclusive interview series with today's medical staff development leaders

Innovators Exchange with Kaiser Permanente Part 4

Innovators Exchange with Kaiser Permanente Part 3

Innovators Exchange with Kaiser Permanente Part 2


2022 Provider Pay Calendar

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2021 Provider Pay Calendar

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Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement

Direct Deposit authorization form

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2021 Expense Report

The mileage rate has been updated for 2021. Please use this form to submit all 2021 expenses.

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D&Y Locum Tenens Work Log

Locum tenens physicians and CRNAs

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Client Information Form

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D&Y W-9 Tax Form

W-9 for locum tenens contract providers

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D&Y Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement (Legal Entity)

Direct Deposit authorization form for clinicians set up as a legal entity.

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