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Locum Tenens Recruitment: Career Opportunities at D&Y

Locum Tenens Recruiting Career Opportunities at D&Y – Transcript


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H: Hello! My name is Hans Edenfield. I am the Director of Human Resources and Operations with D&Y, and today I have with me Alison Crane, Senior Human Resource Generalist with D&Y. Hello, Alison!


A: Hi, Hans, nice to be here.


H: Great to have you. I appreciate your time.


Open Opportunities Available with D&Y


HLet’s talk about opportunities available with D&Y. So, let’s begin talking a little bit about – can you describe the type of sales roles available at D&Y?


A: Well sure, besides our management positions, our two main inside sales roles would be: staffing consultant or account executive.


H: Can you tell me a little bit about the different responsibilities of each of these positions?


A: Well, in a nutshell, the account executive works with the client-side to find out what locum tenens or temporary staffing needs D&Y can help them fill. The staffing consultant, on the other hand, is more like a traditional recruiter except they work specifically with the doctors or providers. So the staffing consultants will take the jobs that were opened by the account executive, and they’ll market those opportunities to providers to ultimately get the providers placed on assignment.


H: Very interesting. So, what kind of personality – what do we look for in an individual that’s interested in one of these career opportunities with D&Y?


A: Individuals who enjoy the marketing or selling side of recruiting and also enjoy working with other professionals on the client side, or working with providers will find these opportunities very interesting. We do work hard, but the environment that we work in – we have all the tools and the training that we need to be successful, so the effort that we put in is certainly rewarded, and that’s really where we have a nice balance. It’s definitely challenging, but it’s also a great environment with great people, so it’s all a very rewarding experience.


H: Very good. So what about if I begin a career in sales, what kind of advancement opportunities are available?


A: Well actually, this would apply to both our sales and administrative support roles. We do encourage, of course, our associates to have an open dialog with their managers so that they’re talking about career goals, and what they might want to do down the line. We do post our corporate opportunities internally, so current associates can apply, and in the best case scenarios, if they turn out to be the best fit for the position, they end up being promoted from within, which is always a win-win for both sides.


Opportunities Outside the Sales Arena


H: Very good. I know D&Y is primarily a sales-oriented organization, but are there other opportunities available outside of the sales arena?


A: Yes, absolutely. I mentioned the administrative support roles a minute ago. We are an inside sales company, and we certainly appreciate the talented sales team members that we have, and we also understand, though, that without the admin support, a provider would not have everything needed to be placed on assignment. So we do have administrative support professionals in different departments such as accounting, and training, travel, credentials, contracts, licensing, I.T., office and facility. All of those roles work together with our sales professionals so that we can get the providers where they need to be and make sure they have everything in place before they start an assignment, so it’s really that everybody plays a part in getting these doctors placed on assignment.


H: Very good. So what about if I choose to go the path of a non-sales or administrative role that you’ve explained. Are there advancement opportunities on that side of the organization?


A: Sure, there certainly can be. Again, we encourage our associates to have that open dialog with their managers, so that when opportunities do come up, we can – whether it’s an immediate fit, or we can work on getting that person the skillset they need, and possibly some job shadowing, some training and whatnot to make them more of a viable candidate for a sales particular role.


H: Very good. Alright, so Alison, my last question is: if I am an interested candidate, where can I find or learn more about current opportunities available through D&Y?


A: I would recommend visiting our online job center. We keep that up-to-date with all of our current openings, and it’s very easy to get to. I’m going to go ahead and give you the address – it’s simply: “ojc.dystaffing.com”. That “OJC” stands for “Online Job Center”, so “ojc.dystaffing.com”, and that’s the location to review all of our openings, and if there’s an opening that’s of interest applicants can actually send in their application or  resume right through the site.


H: So, if a candidate is interested in applying with D&Y, what are the qualities, the experience, the skillset that D&Y are looking for in a person that’s looking for a professional career in inside sales?


A: I think that some experience highlights that would be very beneficial would be if somebody did have experience working in a staffing or a sales or marketing-type environment, if they’re comfortable using a computer, since everything is done with computers these days, strong communication skills, both verbally and written. I think those would be some key highlights that would help someone be successful in the role.


H: Very good. Alison, if I were an interested candidate and wanted to learn more about D&Y, are there any social media sites or applications that D&Y utilizes that I could learn more about the company?


A: I would recommend for anybody that is interested in learning more about D&Y and who we are to visit a couple different social media channels. We have accounts on Facebook and Glassdoor as well as LinkedIn. You can simply search for D&Y to find our pages there. All the sites should have some information about who we are as a company, as well as some  information about our culture and environment and working for D&Y.




H: Wonderful. Thank you Alison. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my many questions.


A: Well, thanks Hans. It’s been a pleasure.


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