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Why Medical Centers Partner With Locum Tenens Providers Every Day

Excellent patient care is always front and center when making staffing decisions for your medical center. And unpredictable market conditions and ever-changing regulations can hinder your search for qualified clinicians. 


These are among the many reasons why medical centers choose to partner with locum tenens agencies each and every day. Finding a reliable partner can foster a long-term relationship that helps improve patient care by ensuring your facility is always fully staffed.


Keep reading below to learn about other reasons medical centers partner with locum tenens agencies.



Why Medical Centers Partner With Locum Tenens Agencies

The list of reasons why medical centers partner with locum tenens agencies is extensive and can vary depending on the needs of the facility. However, a facility will often choose a locum tenens agency for a few important reasons:

  • Battling physician burnout
  • Filling long-term schedule gaps
  • Filling a need while searching for a permanent solution
  • To support an influx of patients
  • To have a solution in place for future problems


Battling Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is a well-documented problem throughout the United States that can have significant impacts on a facility’s performance. And as the healthcare industry recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented challenges, it’s essential to have plans in place to prevent these kinds of issues before they can develop.


This is why many medical facilities have turned to locum tenens. It is vital to recognize that everyone needs rest to refresh both physical and mental health and keep them at the top of their game. Locum tenens ensures when employees need time off, you can find quick, temporary coverage to give them the break they need and deserve. 



Filling Long-Term Schedule Gaps

Schedule gaps can occur for a variety of unpredictable causes. No matter the reason, they place extra stress and responsibility on other physicians and medical staff. How many times has your medical facility suddenly lost an employee?


An unexpected loss of an employee can create a significant gap in your facility’s schedule. When this happens, a locums staffing agency can work with you to find the candidates who not only have the appropriate availability, but the required qualifications and licensing, as well.


The more quickly a schedule gap is filled, the sooner you can ensure an uninterrupted level of patient care.   


Filling a Need While Searching for a Permanent Solution

Going hand-in-hand with filling a hole in the schedule, a locum physician or other temporary employee can be the perfect fix until you’ve had time to make a permanent hire. Locum tenens services were designed to be that “duct tape,” so to speak.


It is simply not an option to walk outside and pluck a perfectly-qualified candidate off the street. When you factor in all of your other responsibilities, sometimes even important tasks like vetting candidates can be harder to accomplish.


Locum tenens agencies equip you with a qualified, temporary candidate that allows you to take the time necessary to find your facility’s permanent replacement.



To Support an Influx of Patients

An influx can occur for a number of reasons, such as:

Locum tenens are a great solution for bringing in emergency medical help. And because a locums agency will match your specific criteria with qualified clinicians, you can narrow your search to find exactly what you need.



To Have a Solution In Place for Future Problems

When a medical center decides to partner with a locum tenens agency, they’re creating a long-term relationship that will benefit both parties moving forward. In doing so, you create a strong bridge that will help you avoid being flooded with out-of-control patient-staff ratios.


A locum tenens agency will put your needs first, supporting you and your facility. By choosing to partner with one, you gain an ally for both today and 0tomorrow.



Choosing Locum Tenens

The most effective way to combat medical staffing issues is through a locum tenens agency. A reliable partnership means you’ll always have support when you need qualified, temporary medical staff.


Take the “what if” out of your day-to-day staffing worries, and choose a locum tenens agency that will work with you to find your ideal candidate every time.

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