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What Locum Physicians Should Know About Job Hunting

In any job market, it’s important to be aware of what employers are looking for when interviewing hiring candidates. Human resources and hiring managers are inundated with resumes daily, and while it’s important to make sure yours stands out, it’s also important to know the tips and tricks they use to narrow the candidate pool so you don’t stand out for the wrong reasons.


4 Secrets Locum Providers Should Know About Finding A Job


1. They Won’t Read Your Resume

With many resumes to look over, most hiring managers will quickly scan your cover lever and resume looking for key words that strike a chord with the job. Be sure to customize your resume, even slightly, for each job.


An easy-to-read font and simple formatting will help to make this part of the process easier.


2. The Waiting Time is Part of the Interview

Always assume that the time you spend waiting in a lobby is part of your interview. Sometimes those conducting the interview will ask the receptionist for feedback about what you were doing while you waited.


Instead of pulling out your phone and checking your email or checking social media, spend that time looking over your resume again. This is not the time to play loud videos or make phone calls.


3. They’ll Look For Your Online Presence

Some hiring managers research you online profiles when deciding between qualified candidates.


Easily found pictures that they believe may reflect poorly on the organization can and often do become a deciding factor. Make sure to lock down your social media outlets, search for yourself online and work to remove anything you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see.


4. You’ll Be Tested

Employers oftentimes test attention to detail and ability to follow through to decide between applicants.


Make sure you follow any instructions that an employer passes along for your interview, resume, and follow up. Don’t allow yourself to rush to get through a step or project during the application and intervier, or it could end up costing you the job.


It’s essential that job seekers do everything they can to present themselves to be in the best light to stand apart from other candidates. Being qualified for a position isn’t always enough to land the job, so put forth the extra effort to be sure you make the right impression.

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