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4 Locum Tenens CV & Resume Mistakes All Physicians Should Avoid

No matter where you are in your career progression, from new resident to experienced physician, you need to be sure that your resume is strong if you want to continue to advance. Since your resume or CV is the first thing that recruiters or potential employers see to determine if you’re a good fit, there are simple mistakes you can avoid to keep from holding you back.


4 Locum Tenens CV & Resume Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not customizing. Your resume should be adjusted for each position or opening you’re applying for. Be sure to highlight experience that is relevant to the position you’re applying for – key words will make a difference to someone pouring over resumes. Some hiring managers use technology to scan through resumes to determine which ones actually get forwarded for review by an actual person. These systems are programmed to look for key words or phrases that are important to the organization; oftentimes, these key words are also part of the job listing. Read through a job post and identify key words and fit them into your resume organically.
  • Not proofreading. No matter how skilled a physician you are, poor grammar, spelling mistakes, and poor punctuation are mistakes that turn off potential employers. Be sure to reread your resume carefully and have someone else look over it to catch any mistakes you may have missed.
  • Not keeping it simple. Complicated resumes become a burden to look over for a hiring manager, so most often they get put to the side. It is best to avoid graphics, unusual fonts, and colors in your resume.
  • Not being brief. A resume should not be as lengthy as a CV. While a CV is required for locums positions as well as applying for academic and research jobs, when you’re submitting a resume it’s best to keep it short. Your professional resume should never be longer than 2 pages, and each position or certification does not need to include a comprehensive summary.

Keeping an up-to-date resume on hand is a great way to take advantage of any openings or advancements that open up. There are resume writing services available if you don’t feel confident in your own skills, but sometimes all you need is to have someone in your field proofread and give feedback on your resume before you submit it.

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