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How To Thrive In Locum Tenens Assignments

If you want to reach your professional goals, there’s no time like the present to start self-promoting yourself in your chosen field. Everyone knows that hard work, strong work ethics, and excellent job performance are significant in advancing your career, but if you really want to boost your chances at getting ahead then it’s time to consider key ways to self-promote for your field.


5 Tips to Excel in Your Next Locums Assignment


1. Promote Your Worth

Everyone comes to the table with a different set of experiences, so use your experiences and your personal expertise to tailor the terms of the value you contribute to fit the job. This will allow you to change the tone from being about you specifically to what you can offer and contribute to the organization.


2. Volunteer Whenever Possible

Raise your hand and offer to help with any opportunities and responsibilities that make those in leadership more aware of your place within the company. As a bonus, taking initiative shows you’re willing to put in the work to gain experience and help others.


3. Boost Others

The more you compliment and bring attention to the accomplishments of others, the more your own accomplishments are highlighted along the way. This small act shows that you’re plugged in and aware of what’s happening within your organization.


4. Look For the Leaders

Engage with those in upper management and senior leadership. Don’t shy away from conversation, because that’s where you will be able to seek advice, build relationships, and gain insights. Having an open line of communication with leaders not only gives you a natural way to promote yourself, but gives you a sense of credibility within your profession.


5. Don’t Be Afraid to Forward Your Kudos

If you receive emails or letters that compliment your work, or just a generally glowing review, forward them on to your supervisor or coworker. Supervisors like to see what those on their team are doing, and it allows them to pass that along to others in the company to showcase what their team is accomplishing while also highlighting your good work.


These little changes to your day-to-day behavior allow those in leadership positions to see your value. You’ll be more likely to enhance your career with a little self-promotion and effort, while also cultivating relationships with key people in your organization.

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