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How Locum Physicians Can Get the Most out of Assignments

In a recent industry survey, healthcare organizations prioritized physician quality as the most important factor when the need arose for locum tenens coverage, outranking cost considerations by 13%. And while quality is a key characteristic considered by healthcare recruiting professionals, a quality experience is equally as important when physicians are choosing their next locum assignment.


What defines a quality locum physician for your organization?


A staffing agency will work on your behalf to identify the candidates best suited to your opening.


Among the factors taken into consideration in the candidate review process are experience in practice settings similar to yours and a stable work history with no significant gaps between jobs. No malpractice issues coupled with current references, from peers and supervisors alike, are evidence of a high-caliber candidate.


In addition to being clinically sound, candidates who are up-to-date on CME and certifications and possess a solid track record of timely completion of medical records/charts are strong indicators you are looking at a valuable addition to your team.


An overall quality experience fosters an all-around positive outcome for all parties involved. Your organization benefits from the high level of service a quality physician can offer and a physician satisfied with your practice setting is more likely to perform better and provide ongoing support as needed.


How to Attract Quality Locums Physicians


So what are some processes to have in place to entice potential candidates to join your team?


Be upfront about the job profile, e.g. if you’re filling an ED slot, be candid about patient volumes and trauma level. This ensures that the candidates you’re presented are aware and capable of the handling the assignment before they start.


Is your credentialing process streamlined and efficient? Onboarding a locum physician is no less important than onboarding any other new hire. What is your onboarding process? Is your orientation schedule flexible to accommodate varying shifts and are locum candidates assigned a point-of-contact to ensure locum-specific matters are processed in a timely manner? Do you provide scheduling well in advance to secure shifts for seamless provision of care?


Finally, does your practice setting provide a sense of security without concern for unnecessary malpractice issues?


What are your thoughts? Do you agree or perhaps you have a unique situation you’d like to share. E-mail info@dystaffing.com and share your feedback.

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