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A Guide to Locum Tenens for Physicians

Locum tenens contract assignments allow physicians to find temporary positions that suit their financial needs and personal situations. For physicians in specialties across the board, there are many contract jobs available around the United States. Here are some of the more notable benefits that locum tenens jobs offer:

  • Extensive Paid Travel Opportunities
  • Professional Assistance With Credentialing
  • Work Schedules That Suit You

Extensive Paid Travel Opportunities

Locum tenens opportunities can be located across the country, providing ample opportunities to travel. Clinicians can partner with a locums agency to find the opportunities they are interested in and work near family or their desired location for a defined period of time. Should they want to stay beyond the initial locum tenens contract, additional contracts in the same place are often available.

Moreover, it’s not just compensation that physicians receive when they accept locum tenens positions in other areas. Many contracts will cover travel costs to and from the location as well as accommodations.

Opportunities in popular travel destinations often allow locum clinicians the chance to experience the location. While this isn’t guaranteed, many positions are scheduled a few days on followed by multiple off – sometimes including long weekends.

Locums allows you to explore different parts of the country, or explore a new city before deciding whether it’s someplace you’d like to settle permanently. The travel possibilities that locum tenens affords are virtually limitless.


Professional Assistance With Credentialing

Of course, working in another state requires that you are appropriately licensed and credentialed. Locum tenens staffing agencies are available to assist with credentialing and required state licensure. For most physicians working in the United States, some states have reciprocity or can expedite licensure if you are already licensed in another state.

Agencies are easily able to assist you in obtaining a new state license as they are frequently assisting locum tenens clinicians in the licensure process. An agency can also guide you through the credentialing process – CV, licensure, references, etc. – to ensure your documentation is accurate for prospective locum assignments. 


Work Schedules That Suit You

The clustered scheduling that many travel-focused contracts have is just one example of the flexible scheduling that locum tenens positions may provide. Other contracts offer different day/time schedules and there are plenty of different setups if you’re looking for temporary physician work.

Contracts are available for weekdays, weekend days, weeknights, weekend nights, and almost any possible combination of days you might need. Moreover, there are often multiple scheduling options. If you want part-time work that accommodates a primary job, a locum tenens staffing agency can find contracts that may meet your schedule needs.


Find the Perfect Locum Tenens Physician Contract Job

Locum tenens is a powerful tool in allowing you to develop your career while giving you more control of when and where you work. For help finding the perfect contract clinician work, reach out to a locum tenens staffing agency. An agency that specializes in locum tenens work will be able to help you find the contract position that’s just right for you.

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