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A Guide to Locum Tenens for Physician Assistants

Locum tenens assignments provide physician assistants to find work opportunities that are well-suited to their personal and professional ambitions. From local part-time jobs to distant full-time jobs, there are plenty of locum tenens physician assistant opportunities. Here’s how locum tenens can help PAs find these contract jobs and some of the benefits that the jobs afford:

  • Help transferring credentials and licenses
  • Opportunities to work in different settings
  • Flexible scheduling choices to meet needs/wants
  • Chances to work and travel around the U.S.


Help Transferring Physician Assistant Credentials and Licenses


Many states have reciprocity agreements that make it easier for licensed physician assistants to transfer their credentials and work elsewhere. However, navigating the red tape required to transfer credentials can be a hassle if you’re unfamiliar with the process.


A locum tenens placement agency makes it easy to transfer licenses and credentials, as they are familiar with the steps necessary to ensure you can practice in other states. An agency with a dedicated credentialing department can help you submit any necessary documents, and offer assistance during this process, to remove as many obstacles as possible between you and your new role.


Opportunities to Work in Different Settings

The variety of locum tenens assignments available to physician assistants affords plenty of opportunities to work in different settings. These can include both different facilities and different specialties.


There’s no shortage of locum tenens opportunities for PAs in family practice and urgent care centers, but you can also find positions in specialist offices, hospitals, and other settings. If you want a specific type of assignment, an agency can help connect you with currently-available openings.


Around seven percent of PAs change specialties every year, making locum tenens a valuable tool for providers seeking the opportunities to support a career shift. Additionally, cross-specialty experience can make you more valuable in multiple different settings. Having extra expertise may be the qualification needed to get a promotion.


Flexible Scheduling for Your Situation

The diversity of physician assistant locum tenens assignments also makes it easy to find one that matches up with your scheduling needs. Agencies can connect you with part-time or full-time opportunities, and those opportunities could include shifts at different hours of the day – sometimes including night shifts. 


If you have to look after a family member, opportunities can usually be matched up so you’re still available when you need to be. Opportunities that cluster work into a few consecutive days and provide longer periods off can be especially nice if you want to travel around a region.


Chances to Travel Around the U.S. While Working

The chance to travel throughout the United States is a major reason why many physician assistants are interested in locum tenens opportunities. Whether you want an urban or rural setting, or if you’d like a place in a specific state, there are plenty of assignments that allow you to stay somewhere else while working.


Of course, using locum tenens work to travel has substantial benefits. You can spend a prolonged time in the region that you’d like to see, and getting to/from there is often covered through the agency as part of the contract with the hiring facility. Many facilities located in popular travel destinations use clustering scheduling, since they know their locum tenens physician assistants want to be able to take short trips throughout the region.

Find a Locum Tenens Physician Assistant Assignment

If these benefits appeal to you, work with a locum tenens staffing agency to find physician assistant opportunities that provide precisely what you’re looking for. An agency that specializes in locum tenens for physician assistants will be able to help you get that perfect contract position.


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