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A Guide to Locum Tenens for CRNPs & Nurse Practitioners

Locum tenens refers to a kind of employment where healthcare professionals work temporary or contract assignments, instead of working as an employee at one facility. These assignments can range anywhere from a few days to years in length, and can be located anywhere in the country. As a result, locum tenens presents a unique opportunity to nurse practitioners looking to expand their skill set in a new environment and opens the door to new and unexpected career opportunities.


It may seem daunting to cut ties with more traditional employment, but it’s well worth considering all the benefits locum tenens has to offer.


Take Control With Locum Tenens

Many nurse practitioners choose locum tenens due to its support of more independent lifestyles. A wide range of vacancies allows clinicians the freedom to work on their own terms and take control of their own schedules. Locum tenens has opportunities to fit your needs, whether you want to take holidays off, avoid being on-call, or adopt a non-traditional work schedule.


Locum tenens not only allows you to choose when you want to work, but also where. Positions are available across the country, allowing clinicians seeking a change of scenery the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new environment. The right agency will even handle travel arrangements and expenses, allowing you to transition into your new role without unnecessary anxiety.


Licensing and Credentialing

A common pain point for nurse practitioners working in a new location is the process of obtaining relevant licensure. Every state has its own requirements for licensing, and meeting those expectations can be challenging and stressful without proper support. Luckily, many locum tenens agencies have in-house specialists to help you through the process of obtaining valid licenses and credentials. They can assist you and ensure that you have all the necessary authorization before you’re ready to settle into your new locum tenens nursing role.


Benefits & Perks

A frequent concern about travel jobs is that the benefits available in a traditional W-2 role are not offered to traveling providers. Perks like medical insurance and 401(k) plans are common for nurse practitioners employed at a healthcare facility, but it might not be clear where that leaves locum tenens clinicians. Fortunately, the right agency can also offer these benefits. Rather than receiving work benefits from the facility you are contracted with, you would receive them directly from the locums staffing agency.


When working with a locum staffing agency, your malpractice is covered through the agency. While there are insurance options for individuals, it can be costly and stressful to ensure you have appropriate coverage for your assignment. Having this coverage through your locum agency allows you to focus on providing excellent patient care.


Closing Thoughts

It’s clear that locum tenens can open the door to many new and exciting career opportunities. Whether you’re looking to develop your career skills in a new role, or practice medicine in a brand new setting, every nurse practitioner’s personal and professional needs are different. Partnering with a supportive agency that knows the industry can be the first step in meeting your needs and helping you get the most fulfillment out of your career.


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