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Increase Your Bottom Line with Locum Tenens

Healthcare is a dynamic business, and being able to adapt to its changes is vital if you want to stay competitive. Between recent staffing shortages, clinician burnout, and a variety of other industry concerns, it can be challenging to consistently meet your medical facility’s staffing needs. Locum tenens clinicians – professionals who can fill positions temporarily – can help you not only meet your staffing needs, but avoid unnecessary obstacles that can be harmful to your bottom line.


Finding Success With Locum Tenens

Here’s how locum tenens can help your business increase its revenue and adapt to ever-changing patient volumes:

  • Avoid the Hidden Costs of Hiring
  • Reduce Clinician Burnout
  • Adapt to Fluctuating Demand


Avoid the Hidden Costs of Hiring

The cost of securing the right candidate doesn’t end with just their salary. Whether you’re running ad campaigns, enlisting recruiters, or even allocating the time of existing staff, these costs can quickly add up over time – especially if you’re looking to hire multiple people.


It’s also important to consider the cost of having insufficient labor to support your facility. Less staff means less patient capacity and therefore fewer patients who can receive treatment. With patient care at the core of your business, it’s necessary to ensure your team has enough people to meet demand, without overextending themselves.


A locum tenens agency can work with you to find the staffing solutions you need, when you need them – without the headaches and hidden costs. You may even find your long-term staffing replacements this way!


Reduce Clinician Burnout

Staffing deficits can put undeserved stress on your team, which can impact employee retention if left unchecked. Clinicians may be asked to take on additional responsibilities and may feel like they’re being spread too thin. Their time at work may become busier and harder, and it may become more challenging to schedule time off.


With high rates of burnout affecting healthcare workers, it’s important to mitigate these kinds of stresses wherever possible and prevent them from compounding into larger issues. Clinicians dealing with burnout often experience declines in mental and physical health and may be more prone to making mistakes at work. Those unwilling or unable to endure these issues may leave your facility, or even medicine entirely.


Locum tenens not only allows you to ease these stresses by better distributing your facility’s workload, but may likely have positive effects on how your team views their working environment. Without these added stresses, your staff can feel more comfortable at work, allowing them to focus on what they are good at: providing excellent patient care. 


Adapt to Fluctuating Demand

The demands of a healthcare facility aren’t always consistent. Between national and local healthcare trends, as well as longstanding seasonal fluctuations, patient volume can vary drastically at different times of the year. Furthermore, some trends may lead to spikes in demand for some specialties more than others. It’s important to ensure your facility has the right specialists at the right times.


With locum tenens, you can supplement your existing staff during these fluctuations in volume, without needing to permanently hire additional employees. An agency can connect you with a variety of specialists to target the specific needs of these trends, who can be contracted for as long or as short as your facility requires. This allows your facility to avoid both traditional recruitment costs, as well as the costs of retaining clinicians you no longer need – especially for clinicians in high-paid specialties who would be particularly expensive to keep year-round.


The Bottom Line About Locum Tenens

Keeping your business flexible enough to adapt to an ever-changing industry doesn’t have to come at the expense of revenue. Utilizing locum tenens clinicians gives you the best of both worlds, offering a versatile workforce while avoiding unnecessary overhead. The first step is partnering with an experienced agency that will work with you every step of the way to find fully-licensed clinicians in the specialties you need.


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