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How Locum Tenens Physicians Can Be Your Duct Tape for a Staffing Shortage

We’ve all been there. A leaky water pipe, a ripped sneaker, tears in the furniture, you name it. What’s the best solution for these issues? That’s right, it’s duct tape.


Okay, so duct tape may not always be ideal as the long-term solution for every issue; however, it can undeniably be a fast and effective fix for the problem today, giving you more time and peace of mind to plan for tomorrow. 


When your medical facility is facing a staffing shortage, locum tenens support provides the “duct tape” you need.


The Benefits of Hiring Locum Tenens Clinicians

You can debate the pros and cons of locum tenens all day long. But when it’s all said and done, the only thing that matters is quality patient care. And it’s much easier to prioritize patient care when other aspects of your facility are running smoothly.


There are two primary benefits of using locum tenens while you search for a permanent clinician:


  • Ensuring uninterrupted revenue
  • Avoiding clinician burnout


Ensuring Uninterrupted Revenue

The decision on whether or not to employ locum tenens clinicians tends to be based around the perceived cost. Yet many facilities don’t realize the actual advantages they provide for your overall ROI.


First and foremost, locum tenens clinicians are able to treat patients who may have sought treatment elsewhere if a facility doesn’t have adequate staffing to cover patient volume. Not only does this help you avoid any gaps in revenue, but it also ensures that you don’t ultimately lose a returning patient, which can have a great effect on your long-term ROI.


Locum tenens are great for filling in scheduling gaps and keeping your medical facility running on all cylinders. And there are even some tricks to maximizing your ROI using locum tenens clinicians.



Here are 3 simple, yet effective ways to maximize your ROI when using locum tenens staffing solutions:


  • Planning – Planning ahead and knowing exactly what you need in terms of coverage will help you communicate your needs to a locum tenens staffing agency. They can then provide you with the right clinician(s) for the job.
  • Orientation – Orientation is vital for temporary staffing. Ensuring they know their way around the facility and are aware of facility guidelines are effective ways to reduce inefficiencies for your clinician. Effective orientation can be highly beneficial for hospital productivity.
  • Scheduling – Schedule your locum tenens during the shifts where you need them most, and that will have the biggest impact on billable services.

Avoiding Clinician Burnout

While you’re focused on finding a long-term staffing solution, you may believe that your current staff can pick up the slack. However, this is one of the quickest roads to clinician burnout and could land you in a tighter spot than where you started. 


Contracting with a locum tenens clinician is a great way to avoid this widespread problem. Not only does this help alleviate additional responsibilities for medical staff, but it’s also shown to help improve:


  • Morale
  • Workplace efficiency
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Facility revenue


A primary advantage in bringing in locum tenens clinicians is that they come into an assignment fresh and ready to go, meaning you won’t need to worry about their ability to handle the workload. This can be particularly helpful during times of severe staff shortages.


Locum tenens clinicians are available in nearly every specialty. So no matter what gap you are trying to fill, you can rest easy knowing that you have an experienced professional on-site that is supporting your in-house staff.


Grab Your Duct Tape

So, if you have a big hole in the middle of your facility’s staffing schedule, then why not grab your duct tape? Locum tenens clinicians are an effective option while you search for your long-term staffing solution. You may even find your solution in locum tenens!


The right locum tenens staffing agency is essential in ensuring your staffing requirements are met. Here at D&Y, we focus on customized solutions designed to meet your expectations and goals. If your medical facility is in need of short or long-term staffing solutions, then don’t hesitate to reach out and we will be glad to help!

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