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How Locums Staffing Companies Place Physicians

4 Things to Know About The Locum Placement Process 


Whether you are just starting out in your medical career or perhaps simply at a crossroads, a locum tenens assignment is a good way to add experience to your career.


There are numerous benefits to choosing this path, and the fact of the matter is these assignments have only grown in popularity as recent years have shown. There are important factors to consider and understand when talking about placement in the locum tenens field, and it’s crucial to understand the transition from job search to placement by reading these 4 key points:

  • Choosing Locum Tenens 
  • Working With a Locum Tenens Staffing Agency
  • Medical Centers Need Partnerships with Locum Provider
  • Bridging the Gap: Job Search Vs. Job Demand


Choosing Locum Tenens 

There are many reasons that a time may come in your medical career that a locum tenens assignment is the right fit. Perhaps you’d like to make some additional income, or it could be the right time to branch out and explore the country. Whatever the reason might be to go the locum providers route, there are many benefits that come with it. 


That’s not to say there aren’t downsides to this industry, but ultimately there are many who decide the benefits outweigh any negatives. More and more people are now turning to this option, and after that decision has been made the next step is partnering with a locum tenens recruiter. 


Working With a Locum Tenens Staffing Agency

Working with a locum tenens recruiter is an invaluable piece of the placement process. The right partnership with a healthcare provider and recruiter will ultimately serve two sides: the hiree and the hirer. 


Locum’s assignments play a vital role in the medical field, and when you build a relationship with an experienced recruiter there is an opportunity to not only find success in that industry but also provide unique care. A recruiter can use their experience to evaluate your strengths and goals to ultimately ensure there’s a career match. 


Medical Centers Need Partnerships with Locum Providers

Excellent patient care is the goal of any medical center. As recent times have shown us, demand for quality medical care truly makes the world go round. To ensure that the medical facility is fully staffed, they will turn to an established locum tenens provider.


The needs of each medical center are unique and ever-changing. Recently, many facilities have been inundated with an increasing number of patients, bringing more challenges to a complex industry. The partnership between the locum’s provider, the qualified applicant, and the healthcare provider is the answer. 


Bridging the Gap: Job Search Vs. Job Demand

Once a locum tenen’s medical provider has built a relationship with a recruiter, the pieces can fall into place. The staffing agency recruiter can understand where to bridge the ever-changing demands and gaps in the industry.


We have seen in the past year many changes to the medical field. Physician staffing shortages have posed a great threat to the medical industry, along with other issues such as a large aging population. Factor in the medical crisis currently affecting the world, and it’s clear why the locum tenens provider choice is made. 


The locum placement process ultimately gives medical facilities time, support, and an improvement in patient care. By knowing what assignment needs filled, they can truly understand better than anyone who to place there. There isn’t always time to hire a permanent candidate, and physician burnout is a constant pressing issue putting placement at the forefront of meeting medical goals. 


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