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Full Time or Part Time Locums Work: Which Is Right For You?

Weighing the options of Full Time vs Part Time Locum Tenens Work


Thinking about locum tenens work? There are several factors to consider before making a decision. While locum tenens, Latin for placeholder, may be perceived by many as part time work within the medical field, this is simply not  the case. As with everything, there are pros and cons to consider and It often comes down to a clinician’s own personal goals when deciding which route to take. Income, travel, professional growth, and work environment are all factors to consider. 


PTE Locum Tenens Work


Part time locum tenens employment offers several benefits for clinicians.. From earning extra income to scaling back before retirement, the opportunities to use your developed skill set as a pte locum tenen are  vast. There’s a degree of  flexibility that you’ll enjoy, considering locum tenens will not always entail a lengthy assignment. Working close to home is also more of a possibility in these types of locum tenens roles. Some assignments are looking only for local candidates, but that’s the exception rather than the rule. 


Other benefits of part time locum tenens assignments include:

  • Maintaining a full-time job,  but actively growing your knowledge base
  • Supplementing income to support other goals 
  • Doing work you enjoy while also without the administrative demands of full-time work.


It is no surprise that locum tenens work-both full time or part time-can help keep your clinical skills up to date, but when you’re working part time you have the opportunity to expand your skill set. . A clinician working full-time might not be able to accept a full time locum tenens position, but they have the option to subsidize their income and their skill set in their free time. One downside to part time locums work is the lack of stability. While some may appreciate the short-term nature of some locum assignments, others may crave a more established long-term assignment. 



FTE Locum Tenens Work


Locum tenens work provides clinicians with more control  over their employment, and those benefits extend to choosing to work full time. With scheduling being a pain point for many clinicians, FTE work as a locum tenens clinician provides s more control over a personal and professional agenda. Full time locum clinicians don’t have to deal with the stress of balancing another job schedule with their locum tenens work. For those prioritizing a healthy work-life balance, this can be a fantastic solution.


Travel time is also less restrictive to the work that you are able to do, because you aren’t bound to a specific location. This provides clinicians the  freedom to utilize the travel benefits of locum tenens work to its fullest extent. Clinicians have the opportunity to accept open assignments across the country, visiting new places and discovering unique experiences along the way.


Locum tenens pay rates are often negotiable between healthcare facilities, and if the ideal pay rate is negotiated with the assistance of a staffing agency, the choice to switch to full time locum tenens becomes simple. Clinicians who find themselves feeling burnt-out or stagnant in their current employed role  can find new opportunities with  locum tenens work with the comfort of knowing that it won’t jeopardize their financial health.


Is PTE or FTE Best For You?


Every clinician’s situation is different, and it’s important to evaluate what you want out of your locum tenens work. Those seeking to expand their reach beyond their established employment might find part time locum tenens work to be a perfect fit for their needs. Meanwhile, clinicians looking to take full advantage of their time and schedule may find full time locum tenens work immensely rewarding.


Fortunately,  locum tenens has solutions for either work schedule preference.


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