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Fill Physician Vacancies With Ease Using Locum Tenens

Filling Open Locum Physician Positions Efficiently 

An open physician slot resonates throughout a healthcare facility, affecting both the level of patient care and the bottom line of the organization. When faced with a physician shortage, finding the right support becomes the immediate priority.


There are several factors to consider when mapping out what the hiring process will look like. The more streamlined and succinct it can be, the happier your staff and patients will be.


Steps to Locum Tenens Physician Hiring 

Because a locum clinician hire provides an enormous benefit to the hiring healthcare facility, establishing an efficient and effective onboarding process for locum tenens clinicians should be a strong focus. If you’d like to get the best candidate to solve your staffing issue, you must take the right approach.


Here’s a list of best practices that are simple to implement, but extremely important to successfully recruiting talented physicians:

  1. Timely Applicant Follow-Up and Offers
  2. Set a Physician Applicant Process 
  3. Communicate With Stakeholders
  4. The Right Staffing Agency Partnership

Timely Applicant Follow-Up and Offers

As soon as a qualified locum physician application arrives in your email, it’s time to get moving. Create a positive and collaborative relationship with the locum staffing agency and the applicant from the start. It’s a best practice to reach out within 24 hours once you receive a qualified applicant’s application. 


This accomplishes several important goals. It sets expectations that you’re an esteemed medical center who is serious about hiring the right locum candidates. It also helps to build a trusting relationship with the applican and can set you above the potential competition.


Use clear and direct communication while you practice this guideline. No one wants to create more work and confusion by fielding several follow-up emails. Create a reusable email template that lets your locum agency and physician applicants know you’re interested in them, with clear next steps included. This could mention that further questions will be discussed at the time of the interview, for example. 


Set a Locum Tenens Physician Application Process

Now that a locum physician hiring process is established, focus your time in the right places to get the best applicants in the door. 


There are several ways to polish your process:

  • Use an application tracking system – this will help you stay organized and proactive while sorting through locum physician applications and interviews.  
  • Skip the site visit if it’s unnecessary – if you feel strongly about a candidate after the virtual interview, use your best judgment to eliminate this step. 
  • Don’t hesitate to make the offer – the goal is for  clinician vacancies to be filled with qualified candidates, right? Don’t play games at this point. By following the other processes, you can get to this step quicker, showing the candidate you’re serious about filling the spot quickly.


Communicate With Stakeholders

Communicating with stakeholders even before the application process begins helps to establish a clear understanding of what the need and expectation is for the position. Have an open dialogue with the necessary parties on job responsibilities, compensation, and any other pertinent details ahead of time. 


Once a locum interview happens, set a timeline for all decision makers to provide feedback. Whether it’s offering a second interview, making the job offer, or deciding the applicant isn’t the best fit, stick to the timeline. Establishing trusting relationships with the applicant is harder when the hiring medical center doesn’t have its ducks in a row. 


The Right Locum Staffing Agency Partnership

Healthcare facilities increase the chances of filling physician vacancies when they partner with a locum tenens staffing agency. Partnering must be taken literally for this to be successful. A staffing agency can use its knowledge and resources to recruit the best candidates, from application to acceptance. 


The healthcare facility should first collaborate internally to identify exactly the medical staffing needs along with the required criteria to fill this role. The staffing agency can then provide the applicants best suited to match those requirements. Locum tenens can ultimately meet the needs of both the hiring facility and the applicant.


With the recent staffing challenges the medical field is facing, even the most succinct hiring process doesn’t ensure it will go as planned. There are many factors that are out of the healthcare facility’s and staffing agency’s control. Locum tenens physicians can offer a staffing solution that brings both expertise and support where it’s most crucial. A locum tenens staffing agency partnership streamlines the process, providing a solution customized to meet the facility’s needs.


Trust and Follow the Process

When time is of the essence to get a physician vacancy filled, remember the end goal while still following the established process. Sometimes the hiring operation will look different from one application to the next. 


As long as you’re following the proper guidelines — based on communication, process, and integrity — recruiting the right candidate in a timely manner is still achievable. 


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