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3 Common Obstacles in Locum Tenens Partnerships & How to Avoid Them

Partnering with a locum tenens agency for healthcare staffing can be an effective way to increase your medical facility’s bottom line. And once all the details of the partnership are ironed out, both parties have a smooth path to a long-term relationship.


However, sometimes obstacles may arise that put a barrier between locum agencies and the clients they’re trying to serve. 


Below we detail some of these common obstacles and provide simple solutions for avoiding them:


Three Common, Avoidable Obstacles With Your Locum Agency Partner 

If you’re thinking about partnering with a locum agency to reap the benefits they can offer, there are three common obstacles to be aware of that can be easily avoided:


  • Credentialing
  • Travel
  • Accounting


By understanding what these common obstacles are, you can take the proper steps to avoid them.



No matter how large your organization, credentialing is a vital component of clinician staffing. Without proper licensing and credentialing, your locum candidates will not have the necessary clearances to work with patients in your facility. 


This process can create unfortunate and preventable friction between locum agencies and medical facilities. It’s one of the most common obstacles partnerships may experience and can be very time-consuming to deal with.



A locum tenens agency with an experienced credentialing department is well equipped to streamline the privileging process for you. 


Choose an agency that will work with you to:


  • Facilitate referencing
  • Assist with hospital/facility applications
  • Ensure licensing and certifications are up-to-date


Timely completion of privileging means your new provider can begin working sooner.



Travel and its associated costs are potential obstacles during a locums assignment. There’s nothing worse than being hit with surprise travel costs if you originally expected them to be covered.



Make sure that expectations are outlined in agreements – both for your facility, as well as your agency partner. Travel expectations should be agreed upon upfront to ensure there are no unexpected surprises when invoicing is received.


Transparency and a comprehensive understanding of your agreement will not only help mitigate unplanned expenses, but also prevent misunderstandings with other expectations for you and your facility.



The payment process can be a recurring headache for both agencies and medical facilities. Every facility’s needs are different, and if your accounting department isn’t operating around your expectations, it can cause inefficiencies that may snowball into bigger problems.


An agency that can tailor invoicing to match a facility’s internal requirements provides exceptional value to your organization.



An effective payment process requires accuracy, timeliness, and flexibility from your agency’s accounting department. If you want to avoid invoicing and payment issues and provide added value to your organization, choose a staffing agency that has a capable accounting department experienced in managing payments for providers.


This can include several aspects of the process, such as coordinating timely receipt of physician timesheets, disbursing payments, and providing desired reporting. Having a supportive accounting department that is well-versed with locum tenens partnerships can reduce stress and mitigate payment issues before they happen.


Choosing a Locum Tenens Provider

There are many benefits to using locum tenens, and you should carefully consider all of your partnership options before making your decision.


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand some of the common avoidable obstacles in locum agency partnerships, and has equipped you with a better understanding of what to look for when choosing a locum tenens agency.


Choose a partner that will take the stress out of your staffing needs and that can continue to support you as your facility faces new and evolving challenges. This allows you to keep patient care as your top priority, while your trusted agency deals with the frustrating stuff.

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