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A Guide to Locum Tenens for Anesthesiologists

Locum tenens contract assignments give anesthesiologists access to high-demand jobs that come with multiple advantages. For those who want solid compensation, good work-life balance and a desirable location, locum tenens anesthesiologist assignments can provide all three.


Solid Compensation for High-Demand Jobs

Because anesthesiologists are in high demand, they can generally get decent compensation no matter where they choose to work. Comparing locum tenens assignments, however, lets anesthesiologists see exactly which healthcare facilities offer the best locum tenens anesthesiologist pay rates.


Pay constitutes the majority of anesthesiologists’ locum tenens compensation, but many assignments come with other valuable benefits as well. 

Many agencies offer malpractice insurance because all anesthesiologists need this regardless of which state they practice in. Other benefits may include health insurance, vision and dental insurance, paid time off and 401(k).


The exact benefits that are offered vary based on your contract. In most cases, healthcare providers are responsible for their own insurance, but some agencies offer additional insurance benefits beyond malpractice.


Control Over Work-Life Balance

The many different locum tenens assignments that are available make it easier to maintain a work-life balance, whatever that balance might look like. 


At a basic level, anesthesiologists can choose from day shifts or night shifts, and part-time or full-time work. Assignments that have longer periods off, even including monthly on/off rotations, are also readily available. Or, assignments can follow a more regular daily or weekly on/off schedule.


The plethora of choices affords excellent job flexibility. Whether anesthesiologists have upcoming appointments, preexisting commitments, or simply want time off to travel, schedules can be found to support their time-off needs.


Work Where You Want to Be

The job flexibility also extends to location, allowing anesthesiologists to work almost anywhere that they want to be within the United States. While licensing and credentialing can be a concern for some clinicians traveling to a new state, a locum staffing agency can offer assistance to licensed anesthesiologists and ensure they are fully authorized to work in their desired region.


Locum tenens anesthesiologist job listings can be found across the country, including in major cities, college towns, and rural communities. The number of choices allows anesthesiologists to choose not only a geographic area that they would like to spend time in, but also a general environment that they’d prefer to work and live in. 


Fast-paced metropolises afford access to world-class dining, entrainment, shopping and attractions. Rural communities have their own charms, which frequently include a slower pace and more access to nature. Of course, many communities offer a combination, or something in between.


For anesthesiologists who accept a locum tenens assignment somewhere else, the locum staffing agency typically takes care of all travel arrangements. They not only assist with transportation and sometimes moving, but can even help with finding accommodations. Having them attend to these details allows anesthesiologists to focus on providing care — and enjoying the other advantages that their locum tenens assignment provides.


More Control Over Your Career

The combination of scheduling and geographic flexibility gives anesthesiologists more control over their careers. Assignments can be used to meet specific needs during any stage in life, regardless of age or circumstances. A temporary assignment can even serve as a trial to see whether a desired schedule or location works well in the long term.


Find a Locum Tenens Anesthesiologist Assignment

If you’re looking for a flexible work situation that pays well, discuss the various locum tenens anesthesiologist assignments that are available with a staffing agency. A locum tenens staffing agency will know of many listings that offer solid compensation with various other advantages, and the agency can help you get started with the one that fits your goals best.

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